New Life Baptist Church in Columbia, SC hosted our GBBF meeting on March 7th. Brother John and the fine folks at New Life did an outstanding job! It was a wonderful time of preaching, singing and fellowship. Tom McGann from Charleston, SC prepared a very special meal. The menu consisted of all the steak we could eat, a special bean grown only in the Santa Maria Valley, baked potato, salad and desert. Brother John it was good!! What a blessing to see how our Lord has blessed this Great Church and their tremendous Pastor!!!

41 were in attendance plus all those behind the scenes making the meeting the success it was!

March Speakers Were Speakers:

Jeff Pangle
Waterloo Baptist Church in Chula, GA - Preached a powerful message from Ex. 23:28-33 "Why The Lord Allows Our Enemies To Stick Around"

Chuck Scott
Charity Baptist, Jonesboro - Started us out from 2 Cor. 11:13-15 with "Preaching The Word In Spite Of The Devil and In Spite Of Facebook". Just kidding Brother Chuck (lol)!

Don Davis
Baptist Institute of America - Preached a tremendous challenge of "David Serving His Generation By The Will Of God" from Acts 13:16-36

Don Prosser
Providence Baptist, Augusta - Preached one of the best messages on fellowship I have ever heard on "Why We Need Friendships" from 1 Sam. 18:1-4.